Hello! I'm a Senior Retoucher and Photographer with two decades of experience. I'm happy to say there’s no retouching puzzle I haven’t encountered and couldn't solve.

13-years at Wieden+Kennedy gave me the opportunity to leave an indelible mark on the advertising industry through meticulous attention to detail and a passion for perfection. I worked on global brands such as Nike, Old Spice, Fisher Price, Coca-Cola, HP, Expedia, and Corona. I'm a pixel perfectionist and take pride in being meticulous in delivering awe-inspiring visuals to elevate brand campaigns.

I can honestly say I still love my career and thrive in the attention to detail. My passion is making things look beautiful and to evoke a feeling from an image.

I'm also a photographer and love capturing people and still life - and retouching those as well...of course.

When not in front of my monitors or in the studio, you can find me on my paddleboard, exploring Oregon's beautiful nature or concepting with friends on the next photoshoot for fun, usually crafting something over the top.

People tell me I have lots of energy and excitement for adventures and am definitely a “yes” person - always up for lending a hand.

Thanks for being here!

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